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Frosted Fruit Cake


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Frosted Fruit Cake

strain is an amazing indica leaning hybrid cannabis. It has an amazing fruity aroma that you just can’t stop smelling. Frosted Fruit Cake was created by crossing Wedding Cake, a hybrid, with Fruity Pebbles OG, an indica. Together you get a slight indica leaning hybrid that has the best of both of its parents. A dynamic strain that is suitable for almost any occasion. If you’re looking to relax, FFC has got you covered. Stress will melt away and your mood will be elevated. If you’re looking to be social, FFC will help you feel uplifted and battle fatigue. Whatever the situation, trust in FFC!


Users report that it starts off with a cerebral high fairly quickly, allowing the user to be very present in their surroundings. As the high settles, euphoria will take over with the Indica also kicking in at the same time as the cerebral effects. Due to its beautifully balanced hybrid effects, many users use this strain to participate in activities that include exercise, being creative, and especially sex. Many couples love to use this strain for sex. As you have more sessions and time passes, you’ll start to feel the the indica effects take over. You’ll feel relaxed but not couch locked. Although, you probably won’t want to be doing anymore physical activities.


Users within the medical marijuana community have reported that the Frosted Fruit Cake is also known for its many potential medical effects, which include the ability to alleviate stress, depression, and increase thoughtfulness. Because of its ability to help the user feel very present, it allows the user to feel grounded when approaching a problem or just doing specific tasks. This strain also helps with increasing appetite as well.


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