Cali Orange (AAA)

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Cali Orange, is a hybrid of balanced Indica and Sativa composition. California Orange has undetermined parentage. Undeniable, however, is its fresh citrus scent. Although THC content is relatively low at 10 to 15%, this strain is known for a potent mental high.

Its high is known to have sativa effects when consuming at tolerance levels, leaving the mind clear and ready to complete any task at hand. Meanwhile, when consuming in higher doses, California Orange can produce indica effects that fully relax the body and create a more lazy-like feeling. Reviewers note this strain’s capability to help alleviate mood swings, anxiety, and even manic tension. California Orange is also great for social settings such as parties, making the experience far more enjoyable and eliminating social anxiety. The mental uplift exists alongside some mild physical relaxation; the indica body high is evident in larger doses of the strain.

A more evenly balanced hybrid than other, more sativa-heavy orange-scented strains, California Orange is a flavorful option for stimulating and thoughtful recreational use.


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