Cookies (AAA)

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Cookies high is just as sweet as the flavor, with well-balanced effects that would please the pickiest of connoisseurs. It starts with a euphoric cerebral high that instantly boosts your mood and replaces negative thoughts with an introspective energy. This is accompanied by a long-lasting body high that melts you into wherever you are sitting and infuses you with an unquenchable feeling of hunger.

It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid and its effects can be helpful for a variety of discomforts, according to its reviewers. Some have used Cookies to help increase appetite as well as to reduce stress, anxiety, feelings of depression, nausea, and even chronic pain.
Cookies buds tend to be quite dense and shaped like anchors, with deep violet hues scattered over its flowers and bronze pistils poking out. The Sativa content in Cookies Kush acts as a mental stimulant that will uplift your mood and slightly boost your energy. Users will feel somewhat euphoric and happy.

For the general users, they could all agree that Cookies Kush tastes like a sweet lime with an aftertaste that reminds you of a Granny Smith apple. On the other hand, the breeder strongly sticks to their cinnamon roll nostalgia by saying that the strain tastes like the actual sweet roll with a nutty and earthy aftertaste.

Usually, the Sativa side of a cannabis strain kicks in first before the Indica side. But imagine if both the cerebral and physical effects of this strain are felt simultaneously. If so, one can expect to feel lazy yet have just the right amount of energy to move around if necessary. You may feel lethargic and sleepy, but you may still be able to stop yourself from completely dozing off.


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