Funky Monkey (AAA+)


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Funky Monkey combines the effects of sativa and indica in one fantastic strain. Funky Monkey provides users with a boost of energy that leaves them happy and energized. The high starts in the head, which uplifts the senses. You’ll find that you’re more awake and focused. You might even find a smidge of creativity pop through! This energizing boost will leave you feeling happy and friendly throughout the rest of your experience. Once it starts calming down, the indica properties will kick in. The high will begin evolving and flowing further down your body. Once it takes hold, you’re bound to be mellowed out and relaxing for the rest of the time. Pick somewhere comfortable, and make sure you have something to snack on!

Its effectiveness gives it medicinal properties to tackle your symptoms. It provides relief from the pain associated with temporary issues, such as bruising, inflammation, and headaches, to more severe conditions, such as arthritis. It’s also great for muscle spasms, nausea, tinnitus, and stress. Hybrid weed has mental boosts that help combat bouts of anxiety and depression. Funky Monkey eases insomnia symptoms if you ever feel like you’re losing sleep. Compared to other weed strains, you’re getting plenty of benefits with high quality!



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