Jet Fuel (AAAA)


Jet-Fuel 60/40 sativa hybrid. It is known for its sharp diesel aroma and flavor with underlying traces of many other enticing scents, especially pine. It is highly skunky and pungent, a classic kush flavor that experienced smokers will love. It can treat mood disorders and some eating disorders. Good for daytime usage.

Equipped with the capacity to bring some energy boost, it also brings you a feeling of relaxation. It’s great to use after a long day. On the up side, using Jet Fuel could relieve chronic fatigue which could be related to stress.

This particular strain has a high cerebral effect that could have a high buzzing effect. That feeling could really take you on a trip in an aircraft fueled by a strong fuel that could take you to the stars. The sudden gush of energy won’t render you tired at all. For that boost would give you the right push to have a soothing relaxation that would make you feel like you’re floating. A sense of feeling euphoria and upliftment will leave you super giggly that would make you feel like flying across the skies.


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