Mixed Indica Kief


Kief delivers a powerful punch. The dry sift made from the resinous trichomes from the cannabis flower contains a high volume of terpenes and cannabinoids which makes it an effective method to medicate. A little goes a long way with this concentrate. Our fine kief is extracted from high quality cannabis plants using a solventless and dry-sift method. Kief is essentially the pollen of the cannabis flower, known as the trichomes. These trichomes account for 50 – 70% of the total THC content of the flower! Smoking the kief saves you from burning all the unnecessary plant material producing bad smoke for your throat and lungs. Directions: Use this kief in the same way you use any cannabis flower: smoke, vaporize, cook, or knead/press it into hash.


1 Gram, 3 Gram


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