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Peanut Butter MAC (AAA+)

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Peanut Butter MAC

is a deliciously nutty and potent indica hybrid that is relatively new, unique and quite rare!  This hybrid was created by crossing other rare craft strains, Peanut Butter Breath and Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC).

It offers heavy relaxation and creative cerebral stimulation, generating a well balanced high of both indica and sativa effects!

A heavier strain than most, Peanut Butter MAC is recommended for more experienced users. For novice users or light weights who’d like to give this yummy strain a shot, it would be ideal to start off with less than what you typically use due to its heavier hitting effects. Peanut Butter MAC starts off with a slow, creeping cerebral and euphoric build that intensifies with every inhale. You’ll be induced with creative and stimulating energy, making it enjoyable for creatives and hobbyists who are looking to tackle some projects. As the high progresses, it transitions to full stoner high, and many users even report feelings of psychedelia. A deep relaxation also settles in. This combo of effects will make the time pass by without you even noticing it. Its stimulating nature makes it an excellent choice for partaking in creative activities, however its relaxing effects also make it great for just sitting back and chilling either with friends, or for when you want some peaceful alone time to kick back and catch your favourite TV shows or movies! Depending on what you are in the mood for, it is best to be wary of dosage, and evening usage is best for Peanut Butter MAC.

The Peanut Butter MAC strain has buds that are tightly packed with an elongated shape that is tipped at the ends. It has varying shades of green, from a mossy olive to a deep, dark, almost greyish green. These shades are decorated with long, curling and brassy orange pistils, and finished with a layer of tiny crystal trichomes. It is strongly earthy and nutty in aroma, and its flavour profile is often compared to eating a peanut butter sandwich while you’re walking through the woods due to its overtones of creamy peanut and nuttiness balanced by rich herbs and earth.


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