Golden Goat (AAA+)

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Golden Goat A sativa-dominant hybrid The result was a strain with colorful flowers and high trichome production that’s come to be known as Golden Goat.

Golden Goat has dense and medium-sized buds that have a solid appearance, with heavy and tightly-packed leaves. Its leaves are a bright green with some hints of pink or red in certain phenotypes —  The flowers are also very resinous and coated in amber-colored trichomes that give the cured buds the golden glow that’s referenced in this strain’s name. This citrus profile exists alongside a more sour tinge, likely the result of the Island Sweet Skunk parent strain.

Although some find it pleasant, others have described Golden Goat’s scent and taste as a clash of incompatible flavors, leading to some conjecture that the “goat” in its name is actually meant to describe this strain’s taste. This is an especially pungent variety, so smokers looking to maintain discretion should plan accordingly.


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