Space Cadets Shatter – Mix & Match (Multi-Pack)

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PLEASE NOTE: Minimum 4 Grams of Shatter must be selected in order to check-out. Maximum of 8 grams of shatter per order with discounted pricing.

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With Canna Club Co’s Space Cadets Shatter Multi-Pack Mix & Match, you now have the option to build your own customized 4 gram pack. This deal allows you to choose any multiple shatters of your liking from our catalog of Space Cadet Shatter to create a personalized Multi-Pack deal. You will be able to choose minimum 4 Grams of shatter and maximum of 8 Grams. The Space Cadets Shatter Multi-Pack Mix & Match deal is a cost-effective pack that is ideal for indecisive shoppers. A great deal for shatter fanatics. With this mix and match you will be able to choose the best shatter that suits your personal needs for a discounted price!


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